“The moment we believe something is wrong, our world shrinks and we
lose ourselves in the effort to combat the pain.” ~ Tara Brach

It happens! Something very unexpected and immediately we judge. We decide, is this good or is this bad.

If in that instant we decide it’s bad, our minds take us into fight or flight. We act, sometimes without thinking of the consequence because we feel the anguish and pain.

Highly trained persons, like fire fighters and EMS, know that quick actions are vital and it is their skilled training that allows them to act, almost without thinking, to save lives.

But most of us have never been trained that way. Our reactions are more from the gut and often do not take an extenuating circumstances into account.

What if, when an event happens, we don’t judge it immediately, but rather just accept it for what it is – an event. Not something that needs a label, not something that needs to be judged, and not something that we need to act upon. Because sometimes it can be years before the reality of the situation becomes apparent.

Here’s three possible outcomes to the same scenario.

An engagement and subsequent wedding is announced. It is exciting, everyone is happy for both persons. All is well. But, after a few years we see that this was not a good match. Maybe one person had manipulated the other into the marriage and life was not good. Everyone who was happy about the marriage is now totally disappointed.

Same scenario, but there is no excitement. Friends and family are skeptical that the marriage will last. After many years, everyone can see that this was truly a good match. Both persons are still happy and they have a loving family. Persons who felt the marriage shouldn’t happen are disappointed because their prediction didn’t come true.

Same scenario, but this time the couple’s family and friends accept their marriage. Total acceptance. No thought of what might lie ahead for this couple. Now, no one is “tied” to the outcome. If the couple choose to separate after some time, it is accepted for what it is. Sure, some friends or family members may feel some disappointment, but, on the whole, there is no choosing sides or emotional upheaval. It is and it is accepted.

If they stay together, that decision is also totally accepted as well. There is no discussion among acquaintances on why or how they could possibly still be together. Total acceptance. If it’s good for them, then it is good.

Difficult? Yes! Impossible? No. Rather than focusing on the “event” – whether it’s the scenarios described above or something else that is happening in our lives – we are focused and connected to ourselves and our truths. When we accept what is, we no longer feel that we must judge, resist, deny. And when the event plays out, we don’t feel powerless or disappointed.

It is. And that’s all we need to know. We practice total acceptance.

Linda Watson-Call has a history of achieving her goals and succeeding through 
difficulties. Her book LIVING! an abundant life is now available on
Amazon on Kindle and in paperback.
Her series, Dragonfly Soup can be seen on YouTube with a new episode
every Sunday evening.

“The wings of transformation are born of patience and struggle.”
~ Janet S. Dickens

It’s a new year, full of new ideas. So, let’s dive into them, full steam ahead!

As I was preparing for the launch of my book LIVING! an abundant life, I thought about how much more I could say about creating the life you want to live. I thought I could/should write more blog posts. But then, I thought, why not do a vlog series? Sort, 15 to 20 minute videos discussing different things that we do the help or sometimes hinder us.

Next dilemma – what should I call it? I tossed names around but couldn’t come up with anything. It must have really been on my mind, because that night I dreamed that I was writing something and a woman came over and asked about my writing. She called it “Dragonfly Soup.”

Now, I rarely remember my dreams, but when I woke up the words “Dragonfly Soup” kept ringing through my head. I thought this was a strange title for whatever I was writing. I decided to look up dragonfly to see if it was symbolic of anything. Oh! Yes it is – and fits perfectly with my book and vlog.

A dragonfly, I discovered, is connected to the symbolism of change and light. It is generally associated with the symbolic meaning of transformation. Wow! Exactly!

So, how does the soup figure in? Soup, is made up of several different ingredients that, when brought together, create an outstanding dish. What better way is there to creating our new, exciting life than to blend together different actions needed to get us there?

Welcome to Dragonfly Soup – where we will grow together in creating our best year ever!

Click the picture or this link to watch the first broadcast.

Comment below on how you are planning on making this year work for you.

Linda Watson-Call has a history of achieving her goals and succeeding
through difficulties. Her book LIVING! an abundant life is now
available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.

Always trying new things is always more fun, and it can be scary, but it’s always more fun in the end. ~ John Krasinski

It’s a new year. That’s always a good time to try new things and see where that will take us.

I decided January 1st would be a great day to launch my new book – LIVING! an abundant life. I feel this book is a book of empowerment and needed to have more than a press release and a blog or Facebook post. So, I decided to do a launch party.

Oh, but not an in-house or at a library or pub launch party. A virtual launch party with Facebook Live.

Now, I’ve never used Facebook Live. I’ve watched Facebook Live when my son would video my grandson’s concert or a friend was videoing her daughter’s swim meet. But, live a real program? With a script and a purpose? Could that be done?

I did a little research – okay, I watched one virtual book launch party and decided I would give it a try.

I enjoyed doing it. It was fun! I had no idea if anyone was watching – my monitor was at my right, but it didn’t matter. I tried something new, something different, and lived!

What are you going to try this year? Let me know how it went.

And, oh yes, what did you think of the launch party? Leave your comments below.

Linda Watson-Call has a history of achieving her goals and succeeding through difficulties. Her book LIVING! an abundant life is now available on Amazon in paperback.


“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s.
And guess what they might have planned for you? Not much.”

— Jim Rohn, Motivational Speaker

Going with the flow has become a way of life. We don’t make waves. And we accept come what may. And where are we? Where does that get us?

One day we realize that we missed an opportunity for a better job or a satisfying life. Do we, can we change the course we’re on?

YES! It’s never too late to change your life. But, the catch is, YOU have to WANT a different life. But how?


Your attitude has a lot with what you can accomplish. If you believe that you don’t deserve better, then, you won’t get better. If you feel that you should have more – then you have to go after it.

You have to believe in yourself and your ability to change the way you are living.

That’s not always easy. You may have to find new friends. You current friends will see your change and may not want you to better yourself. This calls for strength and determination. Not easy. Your choice – improve your situation or stay in your status quo.


Having gratitude may sound strange if you are not happy with your current situation, but, you should be grateful. Grateful that you are recognizing that you can and will have a better life. Be grateful for things that didn’t work out – they showed you what you shouldn’t be doing.

Too often we get stuck or feel that we are stuck in our current place and that there is no getting out of it. Not true! If you recognize that you want to be in a better place, you have taken the first step. Now is the time to reach for the next opportunity. Fearful of failure? Let’s try grateful of the chance. Now go and do it!


Confidence is often the hardest thing that we need to cultivate. Too often confidence is linked to being cocky or conceited. But it isn’t. Having confidence means knowing what you are capable of. Knowing that you have the skills or can develop them in order to make yourself a better life.

But, what if we fail? Ah, yes, but what if you succeed? A lot of times we lack confidence because we feel that others are going to judge us. Does it really matter what they think if you are happy with you?

This is about you. This is about your life. This is about your personal aspirations. Let them live with “not much” because we have our idea of a great life. And we have the means to achieve it!

Linda Watson-Call has a history of achieving her goals and succeeding through difficulties. Her book LIVING! an abundant life is now available on Amazon in paperback.. Kindle version will be released on January 1, 2019!

50 Blades of Hay was selected as a finalist in the
Anthologies: Non-Fiction category of the 2018 Best Book Awards!!


This was truly an honor and a surprise to receive the email that 50 Blades of Hay was a finalist in the 2018 Best Book Awards.

The book, published January 2018, contains 50 stories about the riders and staff at Pretty Pony Pastures. Each story depicts how the horse interacted with the rider or staff person. Some of the stories  show how horses encourage people to succeed, other stories talk about the qualities of the person and how she contributed to and enhanced to atmosphere in the barn.

If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, it is available on Amazon. I have ordered some copies for signing, so if you are in the area, drop me an email, and I’d be very happy to sign and save a copy of the book for you.

The list of all the award winners are here: American Bookfest

Linda Watson-Call has a history of achieving her goals and succeeding through difficulties. She is the author of the forthcoming book Harnessing Your Abundance Living! an abundant life.


“Proactive people focus their efforts on things they can to something about. The nature of their energy is positive.” ~ Stephen Covey

We are a few days into the New Year – the traditional time for people to take stock of their situation and make resolutions and decisions on how this year will be. If we poll the people who made New Year resolutions in the middle of summer, more than half won’t be able to remember them. Many won’t remember their resolutions by the end of January. And if they do, they will have a good excuse why they can’t keep them.

Why not? Because with no strategy, no momentum, there are no results.


Most resolutions are a desired result. “I want to lose 50 pounds.” “I want a new job.”

All fine and well. But, why are you setting this goal? Is it because it is something you want (proactive) or something someone else wants you to do (reactive).

If you are trying to do something because your wife/husband, parent, friend, has been after you to do it, you lose. Right from the beginning, you lose. This with their goal for you, this is not your goal.

But, if I get a new job that makes more money, I can move. So, is moving your goal then? Why do you want to move?

Setting a goal requires thought and realizing the real reason for that goal. And if you do not own that goal, you will never have the motivation to attain it.


So you set a goal or a resolution that is truly your own. You own it, you want it. Now, you need to figure out the how. What is the best path of actions that you can take to make it happen? What if your first idea doesn’t work out, do you have a Plan B, or C, or D? Can you see any walls that you might hit for any reason? And, more importantly, how will you overcome them?

This is where many people quit and get defensive or why they can’t or won’t reach their goal. This is where real winners look to see what other options are available and which might result in achieving the goal.

This is where making choices is very important. If your goal is to lose weight and you eat out frequently, you may need to select new places to dine. Places that serve meals that are in line with better eating habits and losing weight. You can’t blame the restaurant. It’s your choice to patronize it or not.


The best way to stick with a goal or resolution is to have short range goals or milestones along the way. Each milestone should be attainable in a shorter period of time. When the milestone is reached, have a celebration. The energy and experience of these celebrations will fuel your spirit to keep going until you get to the end.

You may want to enlist the help of a support team along the way. Be sure to select people who truly support your efforts. Their energy coupled to your energy will make the experience more enjoyable and attainable.

So make those resolutions, set those goals, and then focus on your end result and milestones. It will happen because you have the determination to do it.

Linda Watson-Call has a history of achieving her goals and succeeding through difficulties. She is the author of the forthcoming book Harnessing Your Abundance.


“A strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success.” ~Joyce Brothers

Sit back for a minute and think about all the successful people you know, either personally or from the media. Think about how they stand, how they move, and how much space they take up, how they interact with others.

Now think about, or sit in a mall, and people watch. Using the same criteria, do you prejudge a person by the way they carry themselves and their interactions with others? Of course you do. We all do.

Now think about yourself. Do you change your stance based on your situation or are you consistent? Do you feel successful or wish you had a little something else to attain your goals?

How you perceive yourself is how you present yourself to others. And how you prepare yourself is essential to how you will be perceived. Creating a strong self-image is a skill that is not easily achieved, but with practice and believing in yourself, it can happen.


Think about the time you were successful at something. You stood taller, felt good, and smiled. Remember that feeling. Every time you feel uncertain, rethink that feeling and act it out. The move you act successful, the easier it will be to always look successful.


Successful people move. They move like they know where they are going, even if they’re lost! A quick, snappy gait shows confidence and determination. Two more traits of a successful person. People who look confused and more slowly are less likely to be chosen for anything. No matter how you feel or how tired you think you are – move with determination.


Even the smallest person can appear to take up the most space. The more space you need, the more success you portray. If you are sitting in a chair with arms, place one elbow on each arm. Notice how that simple movement increases your chest size. When standing, arms at the side or slightly away from your body. Don’t lean against things. The more space you take up, the more authority and confidence you portray.


Successful people make eye-contact. They lean into the person who is speaking, making that person feel that what they are saying is important. They gesture when talking or making comments and speak with authority. Their sentences end as a statement, not as a question. If they are not sure of something, they say they will check on it, but, they do sound apologetic because they didn’t know.

All of these traits take practice, but the more they are practiced, the more you start to naturally portray the image of a self-confident person, poised for success.

Linda Watson-Call has a history of achieving her goals and succeeding through difficulties. She is the author of the forthcoming book Harnessing Your Abundance.