If you believe in your plan and are committed to the steps, all you have to do is…

All you have to do is … Those words make it sound so easy, almost like magic. Listen again – All you have to do is –

You go to someone – a friend, a manager, a teacher, a minister – someone you feel is in the know. You tell them about your situation and hope for some sound advice and that person starts by saying “All you have to do is…”

But what comes after the “is”? When you hear those words, do you ever get a knot in your stomach and wonder what if I can’t do the “is” part?

Of course you can do the “is” part if you believe in yourself. That part is essential to getting whatever your goal is.

It’s after the “believe” that we often get stuck. We get to the barriers, obstacles and blockades.

This week’s episode of Dragonfly Soup covers the steps needed to get through it all and achieve what is ours.

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Then tell me in the comments what steps you took to overcome your obstacle to success.

Linda Watson-Call
has a history of achieving her goals and succeeding through difficulties. Her book LIVING! an abundant life
is now available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.

What is the biggest disappointment that you ever had?

Think about that for a moment.

How did you handle it? Did you seclude yourself from others? From everyone? Did you cry out in distress to your best friends? To everyone and anyone who would listen?

There is no right or wrong way to handle a situation as long as you decide to overcome the disappointment and move on because better things are coming.

You don’t know what’s in your future if you are always looking at what you wished you could have had. You can #domore than you ever imagined if you only #letgoofthepast and #liveinthepresent.
Linda Watson-Call has a history of achieving her goals and succeeding through difficulties. Her book LIVING! an abundant life is now available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.

“Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” ~ Mark Twain

You can always reach your goal if you know what’s stopping you. When you rearrange your priorities, you energize yourself and accomplish what needs to be done.

Goals and reaching them is like walking a tight rope.

We know that we have to put one foot in front of the other. If we miss, we fall.

Unlike the tight rope, we won’t fall far and we don’t stay down for long.

But, sometimes it’s simply moving that foot to make progress that gets in our way.

{Watch the video to learn more about your frog.}

Linda Watson-Call has a history of achieving her goals and succeeding through difficulties. Her book LIVING! an abundant life is now available on Amazon on Kindle and in paperback. Her series, Dragonfly Soup can be seen on YouTube with a new episode every Sunday evening.
Everything is based on your perspective and what you see is what you want to see at any given moment. Change your perspective and you will change what you see.

When I was growing up I was intrigued by optical illusions. Like this one. Are the two lines the same length?

The answer is yes! But didn’t look like they are because of the angle of the lines at the ends.

Here’s another one. Are the horizontal lines sloping or straight?

The answer is straight. The offset vertical lines gives the illusion of sloping.

And here’s my favorite. How many triangles do you see in this picture?

And, the answer is none!

Really – there are no triangles. It’s the position of the “v”s and the circles with one sixth of the circle removed that gives the illusion of triangles.

And that’s the way it is in our lives. We look at things and our mind tries to make something of it, and we interpret what we see.

It may be accurate or it may not. Our brain wants to make sense of our world. And, quite frankly, so do we.

Except that when we interpret something in our world, we are also using our past experiences to make sense of what we are looking at. Some of these past experiences are positive while others are negative. And it’s these past experiences that color our present.

It’s our expectations of others and whether they are performing.

It’s being caught up in the immediate and not looking at the big picture.

At one point in my myriad of jobs and careers, I had the goal of becoming the manager of my department. My mentor was my former supervisor who worked in a different department.

I was heading up a small team with the responsibility of implementing what would be the company’s first computer based training program.

Even though I had a small budget and an equally small team, I knew this was make it or break it project. If we were successful, we would become our own department. If we were unsuccessful, there would be no second chance.

We put together our time line, knew which parts of the project we could do in-house and which had to be outsourced, interviewed and hired vendors. We were on our way.

About half way through the project I noticed that a few of the pieces of the project were falling behind. Even though we had weekly meetings, and it looked like everything was on schedule, a closer look showed that it wasn’t.

Most were recoverable, but one of the key elements was further behind that expected. To say I was upset was an understatement.

I went to have a talk with my mentor. I explained that even though we had some time built in to make allowances for parts of the project taking longer than expected, this one key part had to be done on time or the entire project would fail.

My mentor looked at me and asked, “What are you looking at?” I’m like, the project! An important project that may not happen and there goes any chance that I might have of advancing in this company!

Then he smiled and asked, “What do you see?”

Okay, now I wasn’t sure if he was toying with me or smoking something. I looked at him and said, “What did I just say? This project has fail written all over it because the timeline is slipping! Do you see something different?”

He smiled again and explained that I was missing the big picture. Yes, the timeline was slipping. Yes, my chances of a promotion could hinge on this project or maybe not. But, what he was seeing was not a disaster but an opportunity. An opportunity for me to act like a leader, act like the manager I wanted to be.

This was my opportunity to ask that team member if there was anything I could do to help rather than letting her become as frustrated as I was becoming.

I did that and learned that she was having communication issues with the vendor and this was causing the slow down on the project.

I sat in on one meeting with her and the vendor to get a better picture of the issue. Then, I worked with her setting expectations with the vendor and how to handle some of the issues that had come up.

Thoreau once said, “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”

My mentor could see the role I needed to play in this project and how it tied in to my goal. All I saw was the slipping timeline.

The project was completed on time, it was a success. I did get the management position and my own department devoted to developing computer based training for the company.

Sometimes we are too close to the issue to actually see the beauty in it. We need to take a step back or ask for advice from someone who just might see things a little differently.

We need to think about our focus and what’s going on in our mind.

Here’s the last illusion for you. What do you see here?

Some experts say that if you see the young lady first, you are more optimistic and carefree; the old lady signifies critical thinking and looking at things from different angles.

Now take a look at your goals. Look at them again, this time from a different angle. Do you see anything different? Maybe a new or different approach that you could take?

Everything is based on your perspective and what you see is what you want to see at any given moment.

Share in the comments the break through that you have had, just by changing what you see.

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Linda Watson-Call has a history of achieving her goals and succeeding through difficulties. Her book LIVING! an abundant life is now available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.

It’s a fact. Most of us think in pictures. Someone is telling you a story and you see it being played out in your mind.

“If you see it and believe it, you will achieve it.”

Read a book, and presto, the characters, complete with costumes and scenery appear. That’s why so many of us are disappointed if we see the movie after reading the book. The silver screen just doesn’t measure up to our imagination.

And that’s why logos, billboards, posters, all play an important role in advertising. See something often enough, and you’ll remember it. Probably for a lifetime.

So what does pictures have to do with goals?

One of the activities that I engage in when I’m trying to bring a goal to achievement is create a vision page. Some people call it an image page.

Regardless of the title, the intent is the same, create a picture of pictures that depict your goal. Short term or long term goal, the action is the same.

Give your mind a picture of your future.

Focus on what you want to accomplish.

Here’s my first image page. I created it on January 6, 1991. Our church was having a Singles Night and the activity was creating an image page. We were told to bring some magazines that we enjoyed, scissors, glue or paste, and our goals or aspirations.

I was in the process of a divorce and this sounded like an activity that I could use to get my focus for the upcoming year and beyond.

That evening, we were told to pick a future date and envision what we would like to see for ourselves.

Hmmm. I thought about that. I decided that I would focus on life after divorce. The only thing I wanted in the divorce was the piece of property that we owned in a very rural area.

I thought, I would like to build a home out there but what kind of house? I found a country style house, some rooms with that reflected my lifestyle, and, I had to search of a picture of a horse!

I included the words “I feel safe and comfortable in my new home.”

I hung the picture on the mirror in my bedroom and looked at it every day. After a year I moved to a different home and the picture was packed away. I don’t think I ran across it until a few years later.

But, those pictures on that image page were impressed on my mind.

It took almost ten years for it to come together. I did get the piece of property. I remarried and we built a house with several of the features that were on the image page.

And yes, there are seven horses here. Complete with barn and an arena.

I created several more image pages over the years.

I wanted to freelance as a writer, so I created an image page that showed a typewriter, yeah, this was before word processing and computers were easily accessible, money, checks, and The words “successful” “growing” and “business” were very visible on the picture.

I hung the picture on a bulletin board over my desk. I couldn’t help but see it every day.

After we moved to the county, I knew I had to start freelancing. The drive in to the office was long and tiring.

I decided to quit my corporate job and gave myself one year to see if freelancing was viable.

My image page was still hanging over my desk.

Within six months I was earning more than my corporate salary and was able gain new clients and increase my income for more than ten years.

Image pages or vision boards are very powerful because you are seeing your goal. It might be in action – pictures of a runner, someone painting, playing a musical instrument. It might be the physical object – a new house, car, sail boat. It might be an emotion – woods, flowers, water depicting calmness or peace.

There are always words. This can be an affirmation – I am at peace in my surroundings or one word statements – successful, professional, open for business.

When I did my first few image pages, I used a sheet of construction paper and magazines to find my images and words.

Cut out the images and words. Arrange them on the paper and glue them in place.

This is a tried and true method, but, with technology, you can more images available to you than the magazines, if you have any around your home or office.

This is the image page that I designed last year when it felt that our winery was being stalled by our township.

I did it using PowerPoint on my computer. I found the right images – some were pictures that I had taken of the wine we were making, others came by searching the internet for just the right picture.

I could size, rotate, and put the pictures in just the right place.

Print it out and hang it where I can see it every day.

Our winery still isn’t in operation. There are days were I can do something to move the process forward and other days where we wait for others. But, we keep moving closer to our goal with every government department that needs to approve us.

And every time I look at this image page, I know that we are one day closer to reaching our goal.

Think about your goals. Is there one goal that seems out of reach, yet you know that you could achieve it.

Creating an image or vision board is a helpful step to achieving your goals because if you see it and believe it, you will achieve it.

Take some time this week and either with paper, magazines and glue or using a graphics program on your computer, create that image page, print it out, and hang it where you see it every day.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but, it will happen for you.

And while you’re at it, share a picture of your image page after your create it in the comments below or in a message or email.

Linda Watson-Call has a history of achieving her goals and succeeding through difficulties. Her book LIVING! an abundant life is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

Today’s blog post is called “The Price of Success” but success is one of those things, like happiness, peace, love, that you just can’t buy.

You could pay me to coach you on skills that you need to improve on to become successful, but the key words here are – you need to improve on.

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Now, I know of parents who purchased what they thought was success for their child in the form of false grades to get them into a prestigious college. That wasn’t success that was manipulation of the system and a form of bribery. I know of college and even high school students who paid someone to take a test for them. They got the good grade, but that wasn’t success either.

Success if very personal and has to come from within. It comes from your passion about something that you want to do. Something that you feel you need to do.

Success never finds excuses for not doing it. Success finds ways to make it happen.

I ran across this article last week about a young woman named Wren Blae. Wren. The story started with Wren completing a clean jumping course. No poles were knocked down and her riding was flawless.

Well, that’s what we expect at horse shows, right? We gasp whenever a pole drops or we see an error on the part of the rider.

There were a lot of things that the audience didn’t know about Wren, though. Wren went from never having ridden let alone  jump a horse to successfully competing in a schooling show in three years.

Phenomenal right?

By all standards, yes

One more thing. Wren is legally blind.

Think about that for a minute. A person who is blind, learns to ride a horse and successfully jump a horse in a span of three years.

Like many young girls, Wren always loved horses but there was no extra money for her to ride and take lessons when she was growing up. So, that goal for her, as it happens for so many of us, was pushed to the back of her mind. It was a someday I’ll be able to do this goal.

As a teenager she had been diagnosed with a rare form of juvenile macular degeneration, but she continued on. She even completed and received her bachelor’s degree, with honors.

As her vision deteriorated she realized that she had goals that she might not be able to achieve if she didn’t attempt to do it now. That goals was to learn to ride and jump a horse.

She went to a therapeutic riding center and learned to ride. As her riding skills improved, she told her instructor that she wanted to learn how to jump.

Her instructor told her that no matter how good of a rider she became, because of her vision, she would never be able to jump a horse.

Wren was determined that she would be able to jump and went from trainer to trainer, only to hear variations of the same answer. No jumping.

Now you and I would have probably given up by now and settled on riding on the flat. And call it good. But not Wren. She finally did find a trainer who could teach her how to jump and devise a way for her to learn a jump course.

If you’re not familiar with jumping, the rider usually walks the jump course, figures out how many steps the horse needs to take between jumps, and the best way to navigate the course.

For most other riders, the process of learning a jump course is under an hour. For Wren, learning each new course takes several hours.

Wren’s trainer had to come up with a way for Wren to know where she was in the course as well as how to navigate it with her limited vision.

Wren’s determination brings to mind a quote from three-time Olympic gold medalist and five-time Olympian, Gail Devers. “Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.”

The ability to jump and compete is a dream come true for Wren. But this is not the end of her story. Her goal is to make the USEF Show jumping Ranking list and compete in the 2024 Olympics. This would make her the first blind show jumper to compete at this level.

After reading Wren’s story, I had to think. How hard am I working to achieve my goals? How much dedication and determination do I have? And, most importantly, do I really believe that I can and will achieve my goals?

What about you? Look at the goals you set in January. Are you closer to achieving any of them? What can you change in your life or lifestyle to make it happen?

Share in the comments below or in an email what you are going to do differently to achieve your goal.

And here’s the link to Wren’s website if you would like to read more about her, her dreams, and how you can support her. https://www.wrenblae.com/

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“A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.”

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Is it human nature? Something that is in our blood? Or is it something that we’ve been taught?

I have read that it takes about one tenth of a second to develop an opinion of another person and our first impression will last, even if we find out that we are wrong.

And even if we know we are wrong most of the time, we continue to do it. It’s really hard to break this habit.

The sad part is, this habit carries into our everyday activities. It seems that no matter where we are or what we’re doing, we are constantly creating opinions and then, letting these opinions affect what we are trying to do.

Then, this comparison turns into a competition to prove who is better, richer, smarter, more traveled, you name it!

This happens everywhere, no exception. Sometimes it affects us personally, our family, our goals.

I see it in the classroom and in my horseback riding arena. We encourage students to do their best. Somehow, doing your best translates into being better than everyone else in your class. Really? Who told you that? This is when I wish we could just give out two grades – satisfactory or unsatisfactory – and not have the number of points received up for discussion or public viewing.

And, it’s not just in the classroom. It’s part of sports as well. Even when I was a kid and we played baseball in the alley, there was competition. Who hit the most homeruns – translation – who could hit the most balls over the barn roofs and into the neighbor’s yard? Who made the most catches or tossed the most strike balls?

This competitiveness spills into other parts of our lives. When I graduated from High School, I was very happy to land a job with one of the utility companies. I was making 75 cents more an hour than one of my classmates who worked at the local grocery store. That was short lived, as another classmate got a job that paid 25 cents more an hour than mine.

Then it turned into who got engaged first, who bought their first home, first child, smarter child, and the list goes on.

I know a young man who is in agony because he never got married and feels that he is approaching the “if I don’t get married soon, I’ll never get married” age. Does it really matter if he is happy with his chosen career and lifestyle? To him it does.

A little competition is fine, but when it interferes with a person’s happiness, then, another way of doing things needs to be explored.

When I meet with people who are evaluating their goals, I hear the comparisons and the competition creeping in.

One person has the goal of owning a small boutique in town. Great goal! I ask about her business plans, where she would get her merchandise, and other similar questions. No answers, but, she knows she wants to be more successful than Granny’s Attic in a neighboring city. So, I ask how much does she know about Granny’s Attic’s business. What would more successful look like? No real answers. Just that she doesn’t think the merchandise in that store should be priced so high because it’s not high quality. Competition between businesses is good, but, if you don’t have a plan and you don’t know if they are really successful or not, then your goal doesn’t stand a chance. I tell her that reviewing similar businesses is always a good idea, but, her plans have to be just that – her plans and not based on what she perceives as successful or unsuccessful.

Another young man tells me that his big dream goal is to become a major league baseball player. He’s a great player on his High School team and feels that he has a good chance. He’s on more teams than just his High School team and every coach he has tells him that he has talent. With his awards, he could be picked up as a scout for the minors. I asked him if he had a portfolio prepared with his major accomplishments and how he compared to other players in his age range.

He told me his portfolio was in order, but he felt his record should stand on its merit. Not where he stood with other players in his current leagues.

Exactly! This young man’s focus is on how he performs and what he thinks his performance should be to make his goal. He evaluate himself against himself and not someone else. After all, a flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.

And so should we. Set our goals. Focus on our plan. Don’t compare what we are doing to someone else – we have our own set of criteria which may be different from theirs. And above all, don’t compete with anyone other than ourselves. Achieving our goal is our prize. That is what sets us apart from the rest.

Share in the comments or in a message what tactics you use to focus on your goal. What do you do to avoid comparisons and competing with others?

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Linda Watson-Call has a history of achieving her goals and succeeding through difficulties. Her book LIVING! an abundant life is now available on
 Amazon on Kindle and in paperback. 
Her series, Dragonfly Soup can be seen on YouTube with a new episode
every Sunday evening. 

Do you know what are the two most powerful words that you can say to yourself?

Think for a second…and you probably say these words many times a day – to yourself and others.

The two words “I am.”

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These are the words that define your person to others and more importantly to yourself.

Every time you say “I am” you are telling yourself, your mind, what to believe about yourself. And, remember, the mind believes everything that your tell it. It doesn’t process your words, your mind accepts them and acts on them. In a way, you are projecting to the universe who you are and that universe will happily deliver it back to you.

Think about this –

Mohammad Ali had said “I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was.” And he did, in fact, Mohammad Ali became one of the greatest boxers of all time. “I am the greatest.”

Eminem put a slightly different twist on it when he said, “I am whatever you say I am; if I wasn’t, then why would you say I am.” He was, in a way, allowing others to define him. But, at the same time, he identified himself with what the public was saying. “I am whatever you say I am.”

The philosopher Lao Tzu had said, “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” This is very powerful, because by letting go he is allowing himself to be transformed to a higher level of himself. “When I let go of what I am.”

These words, by themselves, don’t have any real power. What has the power is how our mind filters what we say. What our intent is when we say these words and the level of our energy and focus.

What we say to ourselves and about ourselves form a projected energy that activates the Law of Attraction.

So, what are you saying to yourself? What are you attracting to yourself? We all talk to ourselves, we all evaluate what we did, what we said, and what we should’ve done or said. It’s only natural. What we need to do is pay attention to what we are saying or thinking.

Every time we say “I am” or I’m not” we are defining ourselves. How often do you tell yourself, “I’m tired.” Say it once, and it probably doesn’t have an effect but say it two, three, four times over the course of the day or days and pretty soon, you can’t get yourself out of bed in the morning.

The one I hear the most often is “I’m not good at – and you fill in the blank.” Okay, it you say you’re not, then you’re not. Your subconscious mind will make sure that you try, you will fail because you’ve been telling it, “I’m not good.”

We can and do whatever we set our minds to, whatever we think about, or talk about. We are creating our lives– whether we really wanted that result or not.

We are unstoppable if we do it in a positive way. We, as spiritual beings, can become, change, create or release whatever we set our intention to.

One thing that is very important to become aware of is what you are actually saying about yourself. What expectations are you projecting? What words follow I AM?

Because these two words are so powerful, it’s important to choose what we say after them very carefully. We have to make sure we’re being very conscious and purposeful in how and when we use them. It all takes practice.

Why is this important? Because what follows is creating our reality.

Let me give you an example. I’m a substitute teacher in my school district. So every time that I’m called to teach, I have a different group of students. Anywhere from kindergarten to High School. And I’ll be the first to admit that some grade levels can be more challenging than others for a number of reasons. As I get ready in the morning, I say to myself, I am an energetic and resourceful person. I am teaching a great group of kids today. I say it on my way to school and as the students come into the classroom. Ninety percent of the time, the day goes by without an incident, the students are cooperative, and I’m still feeling good when I leave. I am – I am setting the expectation of the day.

You see, we need to make a definitive and concrete definition of our self. One way to define myself is in relation to my family. This is an easy. I am a mother. I am a sister. I am a wife.

Defining  other aspects of ourselves past that can be a little difficult,. What if I asked you what type of work do you do? What would your answer be?

I could say, “I am a writer.” Is that concrete and definitive? Not by a long shot. What kind of writer? Song writer? Novelist? Playwright? A definitive statement would be, “I am a motivational and inspirational writer.”

Try not to use the words “I am” for descriptions that are conditional.

You might say something like, “I am incapable of doing anything right.” That’s a very powerful statement. But it is neither concrete nor definitive. Incapable of what? You have to be able to do something right. Okay, the thing that you just attempted to do didn’t turn out right, but that doesn’t mean you are useless. However, if you keep repeating this type of statement to yourself, you just might start acting like you can’t do anything right.

This holds true for all negative statements. Sitting at lunch one day, I overheard the man at the next table tell his lunch partner that he was a loser when it came to women. He then went on to describe all of his failed attempts at keeping a relationship going. Yup, keep repeating those stories to yourself and your mind will believe that this is the only kind of relationships you can form. The universe will be more than happy to bring the same type of person into your life over and over again.

When we talk negatively about ourselves, we are defining ourselves, and we won’t, we can’t change until we change our definition.

So, rather than saying “I am overweight.” Say something like, “I am working at achieving my ideal weight.”

“I’m a loser at relationships?” Try, “I am in pursuit of my ideal partner.” Yes, that sounds a little vague – not concrete at all – so you may have to sit down with yourself and define that ideal partner.

By saying “I am” followed by a positive word or phrase, you are inviting good things into your life. You are telling your subconscious mind that this IS what you want for yourself. You are welcoming the universe to provide it. Positive words, not negative words, bring health, strength, and abundance into our lives.

The more times you say, “I am [insert adjective here],” the more you’ll start to identify with that trait. And this is a wonderful thing, because you are actively creating the person that you want to become. You are changing your view of yourself, you are envisioning your new reality in your mind, and, sometimes, almost like magic, your reality takes on this new you.

The process NEVER fails. We only need to make a commitment to ourselves to become more aware of our self talk and begin to think, speak and act in ways that reflect our belief in ourself. What you say, your “I am” will be experienced by you, but only as much as you “believe” it.

Let’s stop for a minute here and consider how we can use “I am” in our lives every day by doing a short meditation on “I am”

Let’s take a deep breathe through your nose, hold it, and exhale through your mouth.

Let’s do that one more time – inhale through your nose, hold it, and exhale through your mouth.

Complete each of the following I Am’s.

Give a definitive explanation of what you do.

I AM (your career)

State your relationship status.

I AM (single / married / coupled / etc.)

Define what you do for fun.

I AM (a runner / artist / a gardener / etc. )

Define your feelings.

I am grateful for…

I am joyful…

I am kind…

I am smart…

I am capable of…

I am strong…

I am deserving…

I am loving…

I am loved…

I am…

And take another breathe through your nose, hold it, and release it.

Always chose the quality you want to possess and portray.

I AM Love.

I AM Joy.

I AM Peace.

I AM Truth.

I AM Power.

I AM Spirit. 

That is the Truth of Who You Are.

It doesn’t mean that you ignore the other thoughts or other feelings.  We will always have them. It just means that you are telling yourself Who You Really Are.

Select two or three “I AM” statements that are important to you. Repeat them to yourself throughout your day.

You may want to change them depending on your circumstances or events that are having an impact on you.

Remember your mind is a powerful tool and when you incorporate your “I AM” statements into your daily living, you can supercharge your being even more!

Ralph Waldo Trine was a New Thought writer in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. He was also a friend of Henry Ford. Trine says, “Send out your thought–thought is a force, and it has occult power of unknown proportions when rightly used and wisely directed–send out your thought that the right situation or the right work will come to you at the right time, in the right way…”

So, by becoming Conscious Of What we Are Creating Through “I AM” we’ll Have Discovered a “NOT So Secret”, Secret for Experiencing Harmony, abundance And Fulfillment In EVERY Aspect Of our Life.

Linda Watson-Call has a history of achieving her goals and succeeding through difficulties. Her book LIVING! an abundant life is now available on
Amazon on Kindle and in paperback.
Her series, Dragonfly Soup can be seen on YouTube with a new episode
every Sunday evening.